Middle English Speaking Content Marketer (Netpeak Software)

  1. Краткое описание вакансии

    We are looking for a content marketer / copywriter with excellent English language knowledge to compose and spread information about Netpeak Software products and services like 'Netpeak Spider' and 'Netpeak Checker' around the world in a systematic way.

  2. Основные требования к будущему сотруднику на этой позиции:

    1. Профессиональные знания и навыки.

      1. Competent written language, knowledge of spelling and punctuation rules, the ability to feel right and wrong figures of speech and their appropriate wording.
      2. Stylistic literacy. The ability to recognize dumb, sophisticated and wrong figures of speech.
      3. Higher or incomplete higher humanities education.
      4. English language at an Upper-Intermediate level or above.
      5. Experience in content creation on the Internet (writing and / or publishing articles, rewriting, searching and / or embedding multimedia content).
      6. Basic knowledge of HTML tags.
    2. Личные качества.

      1. Assiduity and attentiveness. Necessary to read large amounts of texts and check for mistakes and typos.
      2. Creativity. Creative thinking and the ability to further properly implement it.
      3. Learning. The ability to absorb our billion rules from Wikipedia.
      4. Sociability. Absence of hesitating to ask, learn, get to the point.
      5. Responsibility. Understanding the importance of correct content formatting on the website and our responsibility for it.
      6. Perfectionism. The desire to always do everything with maximum efficiency, without a single mistake.
    3. Кто не пройдет конкурс на данную вакансию?

      Person, that is:

      1. Unable to deep into the technical sphere (especially SEO).
      2. Not willing to get new skills and knowledge.
      3. Unable to work in a systematic way.
    4. Будет плюсом.

      Literacy, passion, preciseness, perfectionism, responsibility.

  3. Функциональные обязанности.

    1. Creating content — 50%:
      1. Writing feature articles, press releases, use cases etc.
      2. Maintaining a blog.
      3. Filling a knowledge base.
      4. Composing scenarios for video tutorials.
    2. External PR and social engagement — 25%: 
      1. Monitoring and responding to company and products mentions.
      2. Maintaining official social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc).
      3. Placement of information about products in industry catalogues.
    3. Accumulation of information about products and improvement of interfaces / usability — 15%.
    4. Email marketing — 10%:
      1. Maintaining regular email newsletters.
      2. Composing triggered emails.
  4. Что мы предлагаем сотруднику на данной должности?

    1. Wage-rate will depend on the interview results.
    2. Convenient schedule for early birds, owls and undecided: from 8 (12) to 17 (21).
  5. Зачем работает наш «Middle English Speaking Content Marketer»?

    To introduce potential customers and clients to the benefits of Netpeak Software and increase the number of paying customers of our products.

  6. Критерии, по которым будут оцениваться результаты работы данного специалиста.

    Number, quality and efficiency of articles, press releases, email newsletter, publications in social accounts, and mentions on community and external websites.

  7. Наличие командировок и их процент от рабочего времени.

    Not provided.

  8. Соотношение работы в офисе, встреч с клиентами.

    Working at the office – 100%.

  9. Что есть плохого в работе на данной должности?

    1. Some tasks can be routine.
    2. Work requires great concentration.
  10. Место специалиста в структуре компании:

    1. Отдел, в котором будет работать специалист.

      Netpeak Software.

    2. Количество сотрудников в отделе.


    3. Кому подчиняется данный сотрудник.

      CEO of Netpeak Software.

    4. Предполагается ли наличие подчиненных, их количество.


    5. Предполагаемый карьерный рост на этой позиции.

      Chief Marketing Officer of Netpeak Software.

  11. Условия работы:

    1. Продолжительность испытательного срока.

      Probation period lasts 2-3 months and includes salary.

    2. Наличие премий.


  12. Что сделать, чтобы работать на позиции «Middle English Speaking Content Marketer»?

    Fill out the questionnaire, do the test task and pass interviews.

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