Customer Support Manager (Serpstat)

  1. Краткое описание вакансии

    We at Serpstat are looking for a person who will take care of our users. The Customer Support Manager is responsible for diagnosing and reporting problems our customers have and serve as the bridge between our customers and our product team. In addition to that, Customer Support Manager answers product questions and tracks user feedback. The Customer Support Manager will collaborate with our Customer Success, Product, Sales and Marketing Teams. If you’re passionate about working with customers, a teamwork player, this is the right position for you.

  2. Основные требования к будущему сотруднику на этой позиции:

    1. Профессиональные знания и навыки.

      1. English language – Upper-Intermediate.
      2. Full-time office experience >1 year.
      3. Previous experience in customer relationship management — a plus.
      4. Experience in working with a SaaS product — a plus.
      5. General knowledge and insights into the online marketing industry — a plus.
    2. Личные качества.

      1. Analytical and client-oriented soft skills.
      2. A solutions-oriented and can-do attitude — mandatory.
    3. Будет плюсом.

      1. Experience on a similar position in IT field.
      2. Education in IT field.
  3. Функциональные обязанности.

    As a Customer Support Manager at Serpstat, you will be:

    1. Solving technical problems for customers on a daily basis.
    2. Owning customer communications and issues from initial contact until resolution.
    3. Acquiring and possessing knowledge about how Serpstat works and what it is capable of.
    4. Being the one responsible, along with the Support team, to ensure that all customers have a great experience with the product.
    5. Influencing the direction of the Serpstat product through daily communication with our customers and consistent collaboration with our product team.
  4. Что мы предлагаем сотруднику на данной должности?

    What do we offer, in addition to decent pay, chair, desk, computer / laptop and an eight-hour five-day working week?

    1. We are all passionate about digital marketing intelligence! At Serpstat, you have the opportunity to work with big brands and offer valuable solutions that have tangible impact on their business.
    2. Our platform is constantly evolving and getting better with each new iteration. So being a part of our team, gives you an opportunity to work at the forefront of marketing technology.
    3. You will get the chance to learn and grow professionally being a part of our team and working alongside highly professional and talented peers.
  5. Зачем работает наш «Customer Support Manager»?

    1. Serpstat is the leading all-in-one SEO platform and is a reliable digital marketing adviser. Serpstat provides analytical reports on websites and keywords across all niches and industries. It enables such brands as L’Oreal, Yves Rocher, Kyivstar, Alfabank and Eldorado to build strategies necessary to win market share.
    2. We eager to continue helping big brands discovering new online horizons. That is why we need talented and motivated team players who are looking for the chance to make a real impact. Does this sound like you?
  6. Критерии, по которым будут оцениваться результаты работы данного специалиста.

    1. Median First Response Time.
    2. Customer Satisfaction.
  7. Наличие командировок и их процент от рабочего времени.

    No business trips.

  8. Соотношение работы в офисе, встреч с клиентами.

    Working in the office - 100%.

  9. Что есть плохого в работе на данной должности?

    A lot of users requiring your attention ;) 

  10. Место специалиста в структуре компании:

    1. Отдел, в котором будет работать специалист.

      You'll be a part of Customer Support Team.

    2. Количество сотрудников в отделе.


    3. Кому подчиняется данный сотрудник.

      You'll report directly to VP of Customer Success.

    4. Предполагается ли наличие подчиненных, их количество.


    5. Предполагаемый карьерный рост на этой позиции.

      You'll have an opportunity to become a Customer Support Team Lead.

  11. Условия работы:

    1. Продолжительность испытательного срока.

      Probation period lasts 2 months and includes salary.

    2. Наличие премий.


  12. Что сделать, чтобы работать на позиции «Customer Support Manager»?

    Fill out the questionnaire, do the test task and pass 3 interviews.

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